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If you can not wait 4 weeks please do not place an order!

You can fully pay for your kit or if you would like to put 1/2 down on your kit today and the balance before we ship your kit please use code N54TOPDEPOSIT at checkout.  Once your kit is ready to ship we will send you an invoice for the balance.  

***  Billing and shipping address must match when checking out or orders WILL be canceled.

Stainless steal braided oil drain line now included.

Please note you will receive 2 packages.  Please do not be alarmed if you do not see your turbo in the box.  Your turbo will be shipped to you directly from Precision Turbo and they normally take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to ship.  If you would like an accurate lead time please email us.

The DOC Race turbo kit is the ultimate turbo kit for your street machine!  They come complete with all necessary hardware to install and is listed below.  The kits come with Precision turbos because they are leaders in the industry for offering top performing products that are reliable so you can make good power and not have to service your turbo for years to come.  You can choose from your choice of a 5862 up to a 6870 with horsepower ratings from 640hp up to 1100hp (ratings below).

Included is a T4 twin scroll manifold which is the heart of this turbo kit.  Our manifold has been redesigned (9/20) to now be a one piece design for ease of installation.  It was put to the test by a handful of very high performing race cars before attempting to fit to our test car.  With the design it is capable of producing well beyond 1000hp for anyone looking to really push the limits of this platform.  To control all of this, boost is regulated by a pair of Turbosmart 40mm wastegates which are mounted down low and out of the way of heat.  The wastegates can be accessed easily without taking out any hot exhaust parts.  This will come in handy if you ever need to change springs in your wastegates on the dyne or after hard runs.

Boost is fed to the intercooler by a single 2.5″ aluminum charge pipe.  The downpipe is made of 3″ stainless tubing in two pieces which is V-Band and connects to your factory or any aftermarket exhaust that accepts factory gaskets.

5862 GEN2 CEA- 640hp

6062 GEN2 CEA- 750hp

6266 GEN2 CEA- 800hp

6466 GEN2 CEA- 900hp

6766 CEA- 935hp

6870 GEN2 CEA- 1100hp


* Factory fuel injectors will support upwards of 550hp.  It is advised to use an aftermarket port injection system when going beyond that level.  We suggest an AD-Engineering port injection kit which include additional fuel injectors to support the power level this turbo kit is capable of.  This is the system we run on the DOC Race car and is driven daily without any sort of stalling.

* As of 9/20 our kits come with the most updated O2 placement to help with burning out O2 sensors.

Parts list:

Precision Turbo, (2) Turbosmart Comp40 wastegates (comes with 14psi springs), DOC Race Stainless Multi-Piece V-Band Manifold, 3″ Stainless Upper Downpipe, 3″ Lower Downpipe (connects to factory location exhaust), V-Band Clamps, (2) Stainless Dump Tubes, 2.5″ Aluminum Intercooler Charge Pipe, 2.5″ Silicone Couplers / Clamps, 4″ Shorty Filter, 5/8″ Oil Drain Line Hose, Heat shield, T4 Turbo Gasket, (6) OEM Style Doughnut Gaskets, (4) 10×1.25 Studs / Nuts, -4an Oil Feed Line Kit, Coolant Block Offs & Oil Feed Adapter Fitting, CNC Coolant Pipe / Hardware, Coolant Tank Relocation Bracket, Coolant Hose To Waterpump / Hose Clamps, 5/8″ Silicone Hose To Coolant Tank / 5/8″ Barb Fittings / Hose Clamps, Nuts / Bolts, 10 ft Silicone Vacuum Hose, (3) Vaccuum Tees, DOC Race Turbo Blanket

Additional information


5862 Journal Bearing, 6266 Journal Bearing, 6766 Journal Bearing, 5862 Ball Bearing, 6062 Ball Bearing, 6266 Ball Bearing, 6466 Ball Bearing, 6766 Ball Bearing, 6870 Ball Bearing, I will supply my own turbo




I agree to wait up to 4 weeks while my kit is being custom made, I can not wait and need my kit shipped ASAP!


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Make Series Chassis
Make Series Chassis


There are no reviews yet.

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