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MHD Universal WIFI Adapter
(E/F/G Series + Supra MKV)

MHD Tuning is introducing the latest and greatest MHD WIFI adapter: The MHD UNIVERSAL WIFI

It’s the ultimate wireless connection method for tuning and coding your BMW & Supra MK5 with the market-leading mobile apps!

The MHD UNIVERSAL WIFI Adapter is the only adapter that supports both the protocols needed for modern BMWs and Supra MK5s:

ENET for F/G series BMW and Supra.

CAN for E series and required for xHP flashing on G-Series/Supra ZF 8HP transmissions.

Highest Quality and Flashing Speed:

Our MHD UNIVERSAL WIFI adapter is fully designed in-house by our engineers, built with the highest quality parts and a modern chipset. It achieves perfect reliability and is the quickest adapter currently offered on the market – faster than previous generation adapters (black, orange, blue, pink).


Flash times improved by 5% compared to the black MHD WIFI adapter on ENET cars (F/G Series) and 30% on KDCAN cars (E-Series). The connection stability was also improved, leading to even quicker flash times.

App Support: 

Our new MHD UNIVERSAL WIFI adapter is supported by the leading BMW apps such as:

– MHD (all versions)

– BimmerCode / BimmerLink

– xHP and xDelete

– Protool

– Bimmer-Tool

… and other tuning apps

This new generation MHD WIFI adapter also offers upgradable firmware, so more features, functions, and support for other platforms can be added later


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Make Series Chassis
Make Series Chassis
BMW 1 Series E88
BMW 2 Series F22
BMW 2 Series F23
BMW 2 Series G42
BMW 3 Series E9X
BMW 3 Series F30
BMW 3 Series F31
BMW 3 Series G20
BMW 4 Series F32
BMW 4 Series F33
BMW 4 Series F36
BMW 4 Series G22
BMW 4 Series G23
BMW 4 Series G26
BMW 5 Series E60
BMW 5 Series E61
BMW 5 Series F10
BMW 5 Series G30
BMW 6 Series F06
BMW 6 Series F12
BMW 6 Series F13
BMW 7 Series G11
BMW 7 Series G12
BMW 8 Series G14
BMW 8 Series G15
BMW 8 Series G16
BMW M Series E36 M3
BMW M Series E39 M5
BMW M Series E46 M3
BMW M Series E6X M5
BMW M Series E6X M6
BMW M Series E82 1M
BMW M Series E85 Z4M
BMW M Series E93 M3
BMW M Series E9X M3
BMW M Series F06 M6
BMW M Series F10 M5
BMW M Series F11 M6
BMW M Series F12 M6
BMW M Series F80 M3
BMW M Series F85 X5M
BMW M Series F85 X6M
BMW M Series F86 X5M
BMW M Series F86 X6M
BMW M Series F87 M2
BMW M Series F8X M3
BMW M Series F8X M4
BMW M Series F90 M5
BMW M Series F91 M8
BMW M Series F92 M8
BMW M Series F93 M8
BMW M Series F95 X5M
BMW M Series F96 X6M
BMW M Series F97 X3M
BMW M Series F98 X4M
BMW M Series G80 M3
BMW M Series G87 M2
BMW M Series G8X M3
BMW M Series G8X M4
BMW M Series M1
BMW X3/X4 Series F25
BMW X3/X4 Series F26
BMW X3/X4 Series G01
BMW X3/X4 Series G02
BMW X5/X6 Series F15
BMW X5/X6 Series F16
BMW X5/X6 Series F85
BMW X5/X6 Series F86
BMW X5/X6 Series G05
BMW X5/X6 Series G06
BMW Z Series E89
BMW Z Series G29


There are no reviews yet.

Be the first to review “MHD WIRELESS ADAPTER”

Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *