TMS E85 Flex Fuel Kit – BMW™ B58 Gen 2


TMS Flex Fuel Kits

The TMS Flex Fuel Kit allows for any combination of E85 and pump gas without worrying about switching maps to match the E85 content in the tank.

TMS Flex Fuel Kits are designed to be plug and play, without splicing or tapping any wires.  Your car can be completely returned to stock if desired.  Each kit is designed to replace an OEM fuel line with the TMS custom designed fuel line assembly and filter, utilizing the Zeitronix™ ethanol content analyzer and ethanol sensor.  Installation takes around 2 hours.

This kit works with Flex Fuel tunes by EcuTek™, Bootmod3™, and MHD™.  This harness has been tested on many of the cars listed below, but your particular model may be different.


What’s included in the TMS Flex Fuel Kit?

CAN + power splitter harness
This harness connects to the body domain controller in the passenger footwell behind the kick-plate.  CAN-bus, power, and ground are connected to the Zeitronix™ ethanol analyzer.

Fuel line assembly and filter
Stainless steel and nylon braided fuel lines are designed to fit specifically in the engine bay of each car chassis.  All fuel lines use -6AN fittings and a 10 micron stainless steel filter to protect the OEM fuel injectors.

Available with or without Zeitronix ECA-2 CAN bus, ethanol sensor 0-5V GM, and TMS ethanol sensor cable


TMS Kit platforms and compatible car models:

BMW™ B58 Gen 1

  • 2015-2019 BMW™ 340i F30/F31/F34
  • 2016-2019 BMW™ 440i F32/F33/F36
  • 2016-2021 BMW™ M240i F22/F23


What makes TMS Flex Fuel Kits different? 

10 micron fuel filter
This helps protect expensive OEM fuel injectors.  E85 fuel has been known to have a lot more particles compared to pump gas and can easily clog your OEM injectors.

Fuel lines and fittings
TMS fuel line assemblies use steel and nylon braided hose and anodized aluminum -6AN fittings rather than cheap hoses which may not be suitable for the engine bay or high ethanol fuel.

Wire harness
Our wire is built to SAE J2284 HSC and CAN FD network requirements.  The power wire meets TXL automotive primary requirements, rated at 125°C.

Port injection and ReFlex™-ready
With an additional capped fitting on the fuel line, the TMS Flex Fuel Kit is ready to connect to a port injection fuel rail.  The wiring harness for the Flex Fuel Kit is also designed to plug and play with the TMS ReFlex™ Harness when you are ready to take things to the next level.   The Flex Fuel Kit taps into the car’s CAN network; upgrading to the ReFlex™ Harness requires nothing more than threading a single connector into the Flex Fuel Harness.

DISCLAIMER:  TMS Flex Fuel Kits are designed for racing use only and Tensility Motor Sports does not accept liability for any mechanical, electrical, or other failure as a result of installation and use.  Additionally, this kit requires modification of the vehicle fuel line.  Fuel is extremely flammable, and proper precautions should be taken to avoid risk of fire from heat or electrical sources during modification.  It is strongly recommended to have a fire extinguisher available.

TUNING REQUIRED:  TMS Flex Fuel Kits are not designed or intended for use without proper tuning.  Exceeding the manufacturer’s recommended ratio of ethanol content without proper tuning may cause severe damage to the engine.

Additional information


FulI Kit (include Zeitronix and eca), Just Fuel line/filter and Wiring



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Make Series Chassis
Make Series Chassis


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